Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review Dynacraft, I would have loved it if the rear tire was properly installed and ...

A yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Dynacraft 8107-57TJD Boys 20-Inch Sixteen20 Krusher Bike, Red/Black, so i have to tell.

I bought two of these for my 7 years & 5. It is a little big for my 5-year-old child but manages quite well. These are very cool bikes and fairly easy to put together. I was able to do it with a single tool and without my husband! The rear tire was a little crooked and rubbed the chain on a bicycle but was easily solved. I can't get them off the bike, so I would say I'm a huge success!

Dynacraft 8107-57TJD Boys 20-Inch Sixteen20

Item #8107-57TJD - 20" Boys Sixteen20 Krusher Bike - Enjoy a fun riding experience on this brightly colored red boys Sixteen20 Krusher Bike. This bike has deluxe 20" tires with "Stomper 2x2 graphics and alloy rims. Use the center type steel kickstand while parked or for easy storage.. Read more or Check Price

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